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Bomba de Flujo 2
Bomba de Flujo 2
Bomba de Flujo 2


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12V electrolyte flow pump ~ 1 GPM flow rate~ max pressure 40 PSI ~  not rebuildable~ smooth quiet operation
difference between the two models: this is a smaller unit, not rebuildable, hose fitting size is fixed to 3/8 id hose, lower psi, less quiet operation.

Using a flow pump with your hydrogen system will quickly purge the gas saturated water from the cell, this effectively frees up more precious electrode surface area increasing production. The Hydroxy gas will separate from the water in your electrolyte holding tank.
Solves the problem of pressure problems in the cells due to long water lines.
Allows for a overall cooler operating temperature~ as much as a 50% reduction.

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