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HHO Una Celda Seca/Generador 6"X6" con 21 Platillos

HHO Una Celda Seca/Generador 6"X6" con 21 Platillos

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Includes a 1.5 quart reservoir cooling system with molded mounting tabs and attached inputs/outputs . - All necessary mounting hardware, brackets and fittings for the cell and reservoir - 10� of tubing to connect the cell to the reservoir. - 1/4 ID Nylon or ABS hose barbs fittings -INSTALLATION/OPERATION MANUAL. ********* BLACK UNITS ARE CONSTRUCTED OF A HIGH TEMP HYBRID CHEMICAL RESITANT THERMOPLASTIC THAT ALLOWS WATER SOLVENTS TO BE USED IN THE ELECTROLYTE, USING WATER SOLVENTS SUCH ACETONE GREATLY IMPROVE PRODUCTION AS H20 MOLEULES ARE A COMBINATION OF IONIC AND COVALENT BONDS.************

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